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Time required to reach destination of first packet  goes the normal way (.ie including time for all transmission, switch delay, propagation delay and all that )  and after the first packet is received, remaining packets would require only transmission time .

Is it the right concept that I am having regarding pipelining in Computer network.

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Actually in case of packet switching we generally neglect all delays except transmission delay because they are very small .Time taken for first packet will be =number of hops*transmission time and all other packets will follow the first packet in pipelining manner and each will have time=transmission time.
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Thanks a lot for your answer ,  you are right.but  what would happen if we have similar scenario that is mention in the gate question that i refereed in my question but only difference in transmission delay ?

What would happen in such case ?


in such cases you can solve with given informations by including all type of delays
so pipelining concept applicable only when we have common transmission time in complete network ?
you can say this but i am not confirmed

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