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The minimum number of state in the DFA for the language $L = \{ w \mid w \in \{a,b\}^* \text{ w has exactly two a's and at least two b's} \}$ is 

  1. $9$
  2. $10$
  3. $16$
  4. None
asked in Theory of Computation by Junior (779 points)
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Is it 10 state??

2 Answers

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As we can see there are two language ,one exactly two a's and other at least 2 b ,so in first lang after getting 2 a's , onwards 3rd a should not be accepted so there is trap state and for second after getting 2 b's ,any no. Of b's are accepted.

answered by Boss (10.2k points)
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there will be 10 states in dfa 

answered by Loyal (6.3k points)
Which are final states ?
9 is final state

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