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I am confused in the Concept of Handles in right sentential form and Viable Prefix. Can Please anybody explain these two concepts Briefly using Examples :)
asked in Compiler Design by Loyal (6.6k points) | 162 views

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A viable prefix of a sentential form φβt, where β denotes the handle, is any prefix of φβ. A viable prefix cannot contain symbols to the right of the handle.

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S → E#,

E → E + T | E − T | T,

T → id | (E)


S ⇒ E#E + T # ⇒ E + (E)# ⇒ E + (T)# ⇒ E + (id)#

(bold and underlined are the handles for that right sentential form)


all viable prefixes of the right sentential form E + (id)# :

E, E+, E + (, and E + (id

as ' id ' is the handle of this sentential form so we cant take any other symbol in its right( for viable prefix)



E + (id)# is a right sentential form

id is its handle and,

E, E+, E + (, and E + (id  are its Viable prefixes.

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