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Can aabbaabbbbbbbbaaaa  be generate by (a|b)*..


do we need to consider both a and b in language . we can generate any language with a and b ?
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2 Answers

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yes, given string is generated by the language...

actually language L = set of all strings in the universe which are generated by a or b or both with including empty string.

                                = ∑* where ∑={a,b}

note that we can generate any string in the language by corresponding Regular Expression

but we can not generate any language by using single Regular Expression

even we can not generate some of the languages by using Regular Expressions

answered by Boss (31.3k points)
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Given expression (a|b)* can generate any string containing any whole number of a and b in any possible sequence. This includes an empty string. Therefore for this regular expression, we can generate any string, but not any language. Example: language anbn cannot be generated from the given expression, but any string from the language  anbn  can be generated from (a|b)*.

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