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Regular Expression for this DFA:
(a) (b + aa)* ab(a + b)*

(b) b*a (ab*a)* b(a + b)*

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) b* ab(a + b)*

asked in Theory of Computation by Veteran (50.3k points) | 90 views
Option c is the answer because $\ option $ $a$ is left resolution and $option$ $b$ is right resolution.
yes option C will be answer. option D will not be the answer because $baaab$  should be accepted ,but option is not generating it.
What is left and right resolution?
left resolution means at q0 ,you take all loops on it and then go forward to final state.whereas right resolution at q1 means first reach at q1 and at q1 take all loops on it then go forward to final state.

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