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Which of the following statement is False about the efficiency of the given channel ?


If we want to send big packets on the channel, then Stop and Wait is good choice.


If length of packet increases, efficiency of channel also increases.


Distance between sender and receiver is directly proportional to efficiency of channel.


Efficient might be less if capacity of channel is high

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option (c) is incorrect


option(A) -we know that in case of stop and wait ,efficiency =1/(1+2a) where a=PT/TT =>a=(d/v)*(B/L) where d is distance, v is propagation speed ,B is bandwidth and L is data length

here on putting values ,efficiency= 1/(1+2*d/v*B/L) ,we can say clearly when L increases efficiency also increases hence option A is correct.

option (B)-same as option A so true

option (C)-from the expression we can say directly that efficiency and distance is inversely proportional =>c is incorrect

option (D)-capacity of channel in case of stop and wait=B*PT so from the expression we can say if capacity increases then efficiency decreases. =>option D is correct
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