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An analog signal has a bit rate of 8000 bps and a baud rate of 1000.
Then analog signal has _____ signal elements and carry _____ data elements in each signal.
(A) 256, 8 bits
(B) 128, 4 bits
(C) 256, 4 bits
(D) 128, 8 bits

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Each signal carrying 8 bits data element but how to find first one?

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Option (a)

we know that bit rate=baud rate *log m base 2

here bit rate =8000 bps ,baud rate =1000

=>8000 =1000 *log m base 2


and number of bits =8
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Is this an important formula?

bit rate=baud rate *log m base 2

what is m in the above expression
might be in case of these type of questions
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