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Which of the following option is false regarding option field in the $IPv4$ header:

  1. The Value of "Type" in the Security option field of an IPv4 header is $131$.
  2. If the header length is greater than $5$ (i.e., it is from $6$ to $15$) it means that the options field is present and must be considered.
  3. Copied, Option Class, and Option Number are sometimes referred to as a single eight-bit field, the Option Type.
  4. None of these
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Ans-option(A) is incorrect.

(A)-type value in security option field is 130.

(B)-it is correct as we use scaling factor of 4 when header length is from 5 to 15 (because header length is 20B to 60B) ,so extra bytes are padded from option field.

(C)this is correct,copied,option class and option number are sometimes referred to as a single 8 bit ,option type


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