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The address of a class $B$ host is to be split into subnets with a $6-bit$ subnet number. What is the maximum number of subnets and the maximum number of hosts in each subnet?

$62$ subnets and $262142$ hosts.

$64$ subnets and $262142$ hosts.

$62$ subnets and $1022$ hosts.

$64$ subnets and $1024$ hosts
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acoording to new convention,it should be $D , 64,1022$

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Option (C) is correct

here number of bits for subnet=6 bits

so maximum number of subnets =(2^6)-2 =62 subnets

(here 2 is subtracted because the network ID of 1'st subnet and the network ID of whole network will be same so we don't include subnet number 0 and DBA of last subnet and DBA of whole network will be same so we don't include the last subnet number i.e DBA subnet because of ambiguity)

in class B 16 bits for Net ID part and 16 bits for host ID part,here 6 bits  are used for subnetting so 6 bits are borrowed from host ID part .

now the remaining bits=16-6=10 bits

maximum number of hosts per subnet =(2^10) -2 =1022 hosts
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ans is C 

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