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 Which of the following is a set(s) of additional information that can determine the smartest person?

(I) Mohini is smarter than Ram and Mohan is smarter than Rakesh.
(II) Mohan is smarter than Mohini.
(III) Ram is smarter than Mohini.

(A) Only (II)
(B) Only (III)
(C) Either (I) or (II)
(D) None of these

I found this question on geeksforgeeks,org.The answer provided in the site is option 'C'.

I think set(III) can be also used to conclude 'Ram' as the smartest person.

But the explanation provided in the site says,there would be some ambiguity,if we were to use set(III).

Am I wrong ?

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no Mohan is smartest

1 Answer

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From set III, we can conclude that Ram is the smartest i think the answer will be either I or II or III => option D

but here we can also say ram is smartest because ram 


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