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16.  Match the following to one or more layers of the OSI model:
a. Route determination                                   -          Network layer
b. Flow control                                                 -        Data link Layer / Transport layer
c. Interface to transmission media                     -          Physical layer
d. Provides access for the end user                  -          Application layer

My question is Flow control is the part of data link layer or Transport layer. And above matching is write or wrong if wrong then what will be the write matching with explanation.
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3 Answers

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yes matching is correct.Flow control is required in both data link layer and transport layer.
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Flow control mechanism at Data link as well as Transport layer.

At data link layer mostly used GBN protocol for flow control - send message while receiver ready to receive message.

At Transport layer flow control means :- restricting size of segment ie TCP use advertisement windows for flow control (for controlling size segment size according to buffer size)

Yours matching is correct
answered by Junior (523 points)
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Matching is Correct

Route determination is done by Routing protocols.

Flow control is used in both Transport layer and DLL layer

Transmission media is concerned about physical layer



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