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17. A sender sends a series of packets to the same destination using 5-bit sequence
numbers. If the sequence number starts with 0, what is the sequence number after
sending 100 packets?

My answer is 4. Is it true? if not then what is the answer with explanation.
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2 Answers

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yes its true ,answer will be 4 of for 101th packet.

as 5 bit sequence number so tatal sequence number =2^5=32 (0-31)

0-31 (32)




so after sending 96 packets ,sequence number of next sending packets will be 0,1,2.3.4 so 101th packet sequence number will be 4
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Since it is 5-bit sequence number starting with 0, =====>sequence number for 1st packet = 0

i.e., sequence number ranges from 00000 to 11111 ====> 0 to 31 

sequence number for 101th packet = sequence number for (101 % 32)th packet i.e., 5th packet = 4.

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