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  1. reduces page I/O
  2. decreases the degree of multiprogramming
  3. implies excessive page I/O
  4. improve the system performance
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High paging activity is called thrashing. A process is thrashing if it is spending more time paging than executing
If there would have been excessive page requests only then still C would be correct option right?

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If we try to increase degree of multiprogramming beyond a certain limit then thrashing occur.

if processes spending more time in paging than executing then thrashing occur
If we increase degree of multiprogramming, it means more process but less no of pages related to process in Main Memory. so for every instruction, it results page fault and need to get that page into MM which results exessive paging called thrashing.
If we decrease degree of multiprogramming, thrashing will be stopped and CPU utilization increases
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Answer is C, when a hard drive is being overworked by moving information between the system memory and virtual memory excessively thrashing occurs.
answered by Loyal (8.6k points)

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