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Which one of the Regular Expression given defines the same language as defined by R = (a + b)* (aa + bb) (a + b)* ?
(a) (a (ba)* + b (ab)*) (a + b)*
(b) (a (ba)* + b (ab)*)* (a + b)*
(c) (a (ba)* (a + bb) + b (ab)* (b + aa)) (a + b)*
(d) (a (ba)* (a + bb) + b (ab)* (b + aa)) (a + b)+
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Is it C?

1 Answer

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  • Given regular expression give minimal string is {aa,bb}

a)it given minimal string is {a,b} so it is false.

b)it gives minimal string {null} so it is also false

c) it gives minimal string {aa,bb}

d) it gives smallest string {aaa,bbb}so it is also false.

Option c is true


answered by Boss (28.8k points)
Thank you
With this approach can we solve all such type of problems or not?
95%  problem are solved .

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