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int f (int n){

       if (n==0)

         return 0;


         return 1;


return f(n-1)+f(n-2);


Find the upper bound and lower bound to the number of function calls for input size 'n'?
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upper bound means worst case in that case it will give complete binary tree so no. of function calls $O(2^n)$

lower bound means best case ,this is fibonacci  series program using dynamic program using table no. of function calls will be $\Omega(n)$.
the lower bound on number of function would be O(1) right? for n=0,1

2 Answers

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O(2^n) function coll


by Boss (35.1k points)

it should be O($\phi$n) recursive function calls instead of O(2n)... For number of function calls , we have to solve recurrence which will give  O($\phi$n) where $\phi$ is golden ratio and  it  is  $\approx$ 1.618..

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check the answers above in image..!

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