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Please Explain This:-

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  • $\delta$(q2,a) means from state q2 with input a . Which state you can go .
  • It we can go state q0,q1,q2 .
  • Its seems to be complecated but once you understand you can do diratlly .

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Can you please help me to understand the definition ?

I am giving some simple example 

  • $\delta$(q1,ab) it means from state q1 with input a we can go state q2 . 
  • The next input is b . From state q2 with input b we can go state q3.

What does delta*(qi,w) contains qj means?
from state qi with input w will go other state qj.

 in above diagram $\delta$(q1,a) means from state q1 with input a it goes to state q2


CAN u please check this doubt by me

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