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Define init (L) = {set of all prefixes of L}
Let L = {w | w has equal number of 0’s and 1’s}, Ʃ = {0,1}
init (L) is:
(a) all binary strings with unequal number of 0’s and 1’s
(b) all binary strings with ԑ-string
(c) all binary strings with exactly 1 more 0’s than the number of 1’s
or one more than number of 0’s
(d) None of above
asked in Theory of Computation by Active (3.5k points) | 45 views

1 Answer

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It will give set of all binary string with null

answered by Boss (25.3k points)
i don't know about prefix,suffix and prefix property....please provide a detailed description about this!
Many videos are avilable on you tube .you can search it

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