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Let's say we have four processes as (P1, P2, P3, P4) and have Arrival time as (0,1,2,3) respectively, but all of them has same CPU Burst time as (10ms) then does SRTF will simply be behaving like FCFS?
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Yes in such cases the SRTF will work as FCFS:

the main reason is ...SRTF will look out for the burst time which is small at every instance of PROCESS ARRIVAL ...but as per question the burst time for all is same so ..only one that will create difference is Arrival time ..

hence upto 2nd process will come the 1st process has already executed for 1 unit of time and will have less burst time than 2nd as well as any upcoming process ..hence "ITS TRUE"..
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Thanks, bhai!


Also, what it, AT is also same and BT is also same, then how SRTF will behave?
@ iarnav than process will be executed according to their prcoess id...process with lower process id will be executed first if u have same burst and same arrival time.!
yes .. it will be mentioned in the question .. but most of times its as per id
Alright, thank you both of you! :)

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