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A part of the system software which under all circumstances must reside in the main memory is:

  1. text editor
  2. assembler
  3. linker
  4. loader
  5. none of the above
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Answer: d

The loader is a program that loads the object program from the secondary memory into the main memory for execution of the program. The loader resides in main memory.

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what will be the counter example for assembler, linker and compiler??
is loading and linking done after compilation phase.explain plz
compile ==> assemble ==>linking of program ==> load the program for execution ==> execute the program
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If loader is not present in memory , then again we required loader to load the loader in memory . So solution  is loader
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answer - D
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Linking, Loading, Address Binding | Types Of Linking & Loading | Address Binding Types | OS

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