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Can somebody please explain the meaning of the following statement : An automation is a cognitive device and a grammar is a generative device.
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It is just a fancy way of saying that an automaton is used to recognise languages whereas a grammar is used to generate languages via derivations.
okkk Got it...

Grammar is a generating device means "it defines the rules/productions for generating valid strings which collectively form a language."

Analogy-In English grammar statements follow rules as- Subject Verb Object. eg- She eats the apple.

Automata is cognitive device means "it reads the language generated by Grammar using its transitions"

Analogy- You are automata as- eg- "She eats the apple." You will read this and accept it. However, If I say "She eat the apple" , this is wrong as per English grammar and you will not accept this.


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With sense of cognitive they want to explain the working of automata i.e automata is a language acceptor(it accepts the language given to it if it is finite and regular) whereas the grammar generates the language ie a generating device
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