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While reading Kurose book of Computer Network, application layer, about throughput i came across a sentence

an adage that says that one cannot be too rich, too thin, or have too much


Could anybody please suggest what exactly it means and why can't we have /what is the disadvantage of very high throughput?
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Bandwidth is the maximum amount of data that can travel through a 'channel' for eg suppose the bandwidth of the optical fibre cable of your internet is 1Gbps but in reality , do you ever get data @1Gbps ? This means that the channel has the capacity to allow 1Gbps data to pass through it. Throughput is how much data actually does travel through the 'channel' successfully. Eg Throughput would be much less than 1Gbps for eg it would be around 50Mbps.
It's a tongue in cheek remark - it actually means that people want to be rich, thin and high bandwidth.

High bandwidth is referred to as an advantage here.
Thank you both of you.

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