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My Doubt is:-

E is of 11 bits, we know that if all 11 bits are used then it represents a special number likewise if all are 0

so Emin = 00000000001 ,  Emax = 11111111110   so                1<=E<=2046.

My doubt is why we are using all 1's, when we are given a number we define the exponent bit by adding the bias term into it for which here it will be 1023 right ?

I am confused when we use bias term and when we use all 1's like here we did. Please clarify little about it

We represent normalized form as (-1)sx1.Mx2E-bias.

Emin = 00000000001 ,  Emax = 11111111110   so                1<=E<=2046.

Where are we using all 1's here?

Are you asking why don't we say the upper limit as 1023 as the max power of 2 is 1023? 

Yes that is my doubt
Okay.. it's because the Question wants to know the value of 'E' and not 'E-bias'.

Max value of 2's power is 1023.

So, E-bias=1023 => E=1023+bias=2046.

Had it asked about the max number that can be represented( like the questions that ask for the max +ve number or the minimum -ve number that can be represented using this ieee double precision)  then we had to take bias into consideration. Here it is just asking about the range of E.

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