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Application layer entity wants to send 500 byte  message to its peer process , using an existing TCP connection . The TCP segment consists of the message plus 20 bytes of header . The segment is encapsulated into an IP packet that has an additional 20 bytes of header . IP packet  turns goes inside an ethernet frame that has 18 bytes of Header and Trailer . The percentage of the transmitted bits in physical layer is correspond to message is ??????
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Actual Message Consist of only 500 bytes that its 500*8=40,00 bits ...

Now ideally we should the 40,00 bits but we have an overhead of 20 bytes at TCP then Ip then 18 bytes of Frame additionally wee are sending (20)+(20)+(18) bytes that is 58 Bytes that is 58*8 bits that is 464 bits ..

so we are sending 4464 Bits ..out of which only 4000 bits corresponds to the Actual Message ...

So % of bits corresponds to actual message is 4000/4464=0.896 *100= 86.96 % ..

So out of total bits transmitted by Physical layer 86.96 % bits corresponds to the actual message ..
answered by Boss (10.5k points)
i have little bit doubt if the message comes from application layer then application layer header included or not actual answer is this question is 89.6%

In some questions application header include or some cases application header not include

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