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The following relations are used to store data about students, courses, enrollment of students in courses and teachers of courses. Attributes for primary key in each relation are marked by ‘*’.

Students (rollno*, sname, saddr)
courses (cno*, cname)
enroll(rollno*, cno*, grade)
teach(tno*, tname, cao*)

(cno is course number cname is course name, tno is teacher number, tname is teacher name, sname is student name, etc.)

Write a SQL query for retrieving roll number and name of students who got A grade in at least one course taught by teacher names Ramesh for the above relational database.

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I can not understand my own statement after 1 month :D

Yes you r right meghna...
This is my 2nd attempt of your Query Satyajeet.. Forgive me if i m unable to correct this time also :p

Select s.rollno, s.sname

from( students as s JOIN Enroll as e ON s.rollno=e.rollno)

where e.grade='A' AND NOT EXIST ( select t.cno from teach as t   where t.tname="Ramesh"


select A.cno from enroll as A   where e.rollno=A.rollno);

you can refer to for better understanding...

For this type of sql query can we write by joining everything, I mean -

select roll no, sname from students as s, enroll as e, teach as t, where s.roll no= e.roll no AND grade = A AND e.cno=t.cno AND tname=ramesh.

Is it correct???
why it is tagged as relational calculus??

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SELECT s.rollno, s.sname FROM students s natural join enroll e 
WHERE e.grade='A' AND e.cno in (SELECT cno from teach where tname='Ramesh')

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