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Doubt 1:

according to me L1 should be subset of L2. But answer is d) L1,L2,L3 are incomparable. Please explain this question to me



Doubt 2:

which type of language is L4?

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Doubt 1:

L1 should be subset of L2 for a,b,c and not for d

for 'd' L2 is a subset of L1

Doubt 2:

Anything with Kleen closer is regular


2 Answers

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Q(1)  L1={$\varepsilon$,abcd,abcdd,aabbccdd,aabbccdddd,aabbccdddd,........}



how can we say that$L2\subseteq L1$ or $L1\subseteq L2$ if it does then all the language generated by L2 must be in L1 or all the language which is generated by L1 must be in L1 but we can see all are generating different except some of string .


Q(2) it will be CSL
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for question 2 I also think it is CSL but answer given was Regular language.
any explanation given?
No. only answer is given

Doubt 2 

L4 must be regular.

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Doubt 2 

L4 must be regular.

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