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A host in a subnet has the IP address How  many hosts can be addressed in network?

Here subnet mask is not given .

please explain brieflly.
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It is a class B network. No information is given for subnets.
It is made easy workbook problem with numerical type questions....
I think we can assume entire class B as a subnet and therefore the hosts possible are 2^16-2
may be there is some other logic.
Means you are not sure about answer?
Hmm. :(
Yes Ashish your way of solving is correct because subnet mask is not given so we'll consider it as class B network with subnet mask which is having $2^{16}$ - 2 hosts.

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Whenever the subnet mask is not given, take it according to the class. As here the address belongs to class B so consider the subnet mask as

Therefore the answer should be (2^16) - 2. We are deducting 2 as one is used for Net ID and one for DBA.
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The IP address falls in Class B. In class B, 16 bits are of Network ID and other 16 bits are of Host ID.

1 0 [This 2 bits are fixed)                                                 
                   Network ID (16 bits)               Host ID (16 bits)


As first 2 bits are fixed we are left only with 14 bits in NID. Therefore, Number of networks through Class B = 2^14 = 2^4 * 2^10 = 16K

Similarly, about Host ID, 2^16. But as two IP's from each class are allotted for Direct Broadcasting (here, and one for Network ID (here,

Hence, 2^16 - 2.

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