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Suppose computers $A$ and $B$ have $IP$ addresses $$ and $$ respectively and they both use same netmask $N$. Which of the values of $N$ given below should not be used if $A$ and $B$ should belong to the same network?

  1. $$
  2. $$
  3. $$
  4. $$
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D is correct answer because:

When we perform $AND$ operation between $IP$ address $$ and $$ result is  $$

When we perform $AND$ operation between $IP$ address  $$ and $$ result is $$

$$ and $$ are different network so $D$ is correct answer.

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The question says which of the values of N given below should not be used if A and B should belong to the same network. According to option 4 A and B do not belong to same network hence the option should not be considered only. If i choose answer as A where least numbers of bits are used to represent subnet mask. While in option B and C more nos of bits are used in Subnet mask. Hence answer should be A why D is selected as an option?
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128  64  32  16  8  4  2  1

  0     1   1    1   0  0  0  1  --- (113 last octet of first address)
  0     1    0   1   1  0   1  1  ----(91 last octet of second address)

Now, first MSB and second bit matching but 3rd bit is different.

so , we need 3  continos one's in mask, for different network.
So mask will be

@Arjun Sir please check , this method is also right or not?
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Good method
I apply the same...right method...
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The last octets of IP addresses of A and B 

A:113 (01110001) and

B: 91 (01011011). 

The netmask in option (D) has first three bits are 111  in last octet. If netmask has first 3 bits set, then these bits must be same in A and B, but that is not the case. we can say option (D) is not a valid netmask because doing binary ‘&’ of it with addresses of A and B doesn’t give the same network address. It must be same address as A and B are on same network. 

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good explanation.

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