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A higher burst time process can face this issue in Shortest remaining time first scheduling while a very low priority process can face this issue in priority scheduling.
But it is possible in both situation . If a stream of shortest job arrived then long burst will wait indefinetly . same for priority  scheduling.
what about FCFS?

didn't it cause indefinite Blocking?

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SRTF and Priority scheduling both may lead to indefinite blocking.

In the case of SRTF, jobs with longer BT may wait forever, and in case of priority scheduling, the low priority job may never get a chance to execute.
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yeah ... but the answer given is D. I think B  should also be correct .
@Manisha why not FIFO as if a process with large burst time if arrived first than it can block the other process with lower burst time


And what is mean by indefinite block here ?
In FIFO if a process is arriving early it is getting chance at least to stand in queue, while in case of Priority /SRTF no matter who arrived first who is waiting from time 0.
Indefinite block means we cant say, when the process get CPU . In SRTF/priority process get blocked unrelated to their Arrival time  . but in FIFO we can calculated a fixed time after that a particular process get executed .
In FIFO when a process arrived its waiting time is fixed . That means how long it have to wait is defined as soon as it arrives . But in SRTF / priority their is uncertainity .
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