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What is the difference between a job,a process and a thread?
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as per my knowledge,

i will compare with JAVA program which internally use fork() system call

think in the JAVA program i use multi-threading concept, one thread will run f1(), another will run f2()

job = program ( it is present in JOB queue, in the state diagram of a process, NEW will create a process from JOB )

process = execution of program ( entering the inputs all these are going under process )

when fork() encounters..... now we have two processes but each processes contains two threads.


Thread = a small individual part in the process
@Shaik Masthan,Thank you so much brother for this explanation. :)

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Job is a task done by a process.

Process is a program execution in CPU.

Thread is light weight Process. (we can assume small part of Process)
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@Dharmesh Gusai 1,Could you please give some specific examples?
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