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"Suppose you have a network with an RTT of 100ms and a packetization delay of 1ms for a maximum sized TCP segment of 1.4kB. You are using TCP Tahoe. The initial congestion window is 2 packets and the network does not drop packets. You request a 1.4kB file. Approximately what *percentage* (an integer from 0 to 100) of the time it takes to receive the file is spent in connection setup? "Connection setup" is the time before the first data byte is sent. Do not consider teardown."

Thanks in advance.
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what is the answer? i've got 49.5%.
Your answer is right bro. thanks! but can you please assist me how you got this answer?

So that in the future I can solve such numericals


first find out what the question is actually asking.

what *percentage* (an integer from 0 to 100) of the time it takes to receive the file is spent in connection setup?

total time to receive a file = time for setup+time to send request for data and receive the data.

time for connection setup=send a SYN packet+receiveACK=100ms(1RTT it is)

time to send reqeest for data and receive data=paketise the request+send request+receiver packetisisng the data+send the data=1ms+100ms(1RTT it is)+1ms=202ms

(as the segment size is 1.4kB and required data size is also 1.4kB, so we will not be needing more than 2 packets. and also window size is 2 packets, hence 1 RTT is enough for the sender to receive the data)

calculating time for connection setup/total time to receive data(i.e connection setup + data transmission)=100/202~0.495~49.5%.



hmmm, thanks aambazinga.

has this type ever asked in gate

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