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For an IP address and subnet mask of a Class A network, what is the 1st subnet ID, 2nd subnet ID, last subnet ID and IP address of last host of last subnet?
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Given IP is and subnet mask is It's a class C network.

last octet of given IP is 1100  0111 and the first four most significant bits(from left to right) will be subnet bits, rest host bits.

As per new RFC of subnet, 0th subnet and subnet in which all subnet bits are 1 are treated as valid subnet.

First subnet Id would have all zeroes in subnet bits and all 0 in host bits.-

Second subnet ID would be (subnet bits 0001)

last subnet ID : (subnet bits 1111)

Ip address of last host of last subnet : (Subnet bits 1111 host bits 1110)

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Here is the answer 

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