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The following processes are being scheduled using a preemptive, roundrobin scheduling algorithm. Each process is assigned a numerical priority, with a higher number indicating a higher relative priority. In addition to the processes listed below, the system also has an idle task (which consumes no CPU resources and is identified as Pidle ). This task has priority 0 and is scheduled whenever the system has no other available processes to run. The length of a time quantum is 10 units.

If a process is preempted by a higher-priority process, the preempted process is placed at the end of the queue.

Thread Priority Burst Arrival
P1 40 20 0
P2 30 25 25
P3 30 25 30
P4 35 15 60
P5 5 10 100
P6 10 10 105

In this question, they are talking about preemption of a lower-priority process by a higher priority process.... I mean, isn't it the case that in Round Robin, we neglect the priorities and schedule only on the basis of time quantum ?

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@himgta, it creates confusion for me... did you give conclusion of that link ?

I think that we can not neglect the priorities (as mentioned in the link), we have to take together both the time quantum and priorities!
please continue the explanation...

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