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If $137 + 276 = 435$ how much is $731+672?$

  1. $534$
  2. $1403$
  3. $1623$
  4. $1513$
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Answer. C.

(137)+ (276)= (435) 

So basically the number are given in Octal base.

Similarly, addition of 731,672 gives 1623 in octal. 

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assume base is x then convert numbers in given equation to decimal then find the value of x

x^2+3x+7 + 2x^2+7x+6 = 4x^2+3x+5


base cannot be -1 so x=8

Why not (A)? 

- probably because

"How much is..." is asked, which signifies quantity, which means the individual terms are supposed to be treated as numbers.

If asked as "What is ..." then the question will become ambiguous and option (A) will be equally rightful candidate for the correct option, since the question can be interpreted as an encoding scheme.

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Exp:-137+276=435,        731+672=534

on reversing the 137 we get 731 and 276 we get 672 hence reverse of 435 is 534
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This is octal no system, your reasoning is incorrect !
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This is Octal number and this is how we have to solve it 

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How do we identify this is octal in first place ?
Because all the given 3 digit numbers are less than 8

@Nikhil Prasad But it can be other base also like base 9, and so way is to assume it as some base x and then convert them into decimal...

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base is 8 here so simple ,(435) base 8 is answer
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