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Block size 1000B records are of size 100B of which 12B are the key field and pointer of size 8B. a file consist of 10000 records

1.the number of blocks required for a sparse index on this file?

2.the number of blocks required for for a dense index on this file
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@suneetha, please before posting the question just check similar type of questions are already ask or not?

similar type question

Is it 20 and 200?

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for the main file:

blocking factor =(1000/100)=10

no. of blocks in main = (10000/10)=1000

for index file:

blocking factor=(1000/(12+8))=50

1.sparse index

no. of records =1000

no. of blocks in sparse indexing= (1000/50)=20

2.dense index

no. of records=10000

no .of blocks in dense indexing =(10000/50)=200
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