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I have completed my degree 2014-2018 . But   I am semester ex. Means i have completed 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 semester. But not 7. According to gate 2019 eligibility criteria i have to upload any of final year semester marksheet ( not internet downloaded marksheet) but my 8th semester will come after my 7th semester completion. Now what should i do now? Help me please
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I have backlogs/arrears during the qualifying degree program, due to which I did not complete the program. I am currently not studying in the college and therefore cannot get duly signed Certificate from the Head of the Department/Institute. Which document should I upload while filling the application form?

If you cannot get a duly signed Certificate from the Head of the Department/Institute, you should submit final year marksheet (of any one semester), even if there are backlogs/arrears in some subjects.

--source: GATE 2019 OFFICIAL SITE FAQs

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You can upload 7th or 8th sem marksheet.any of them. No matter it got backlog or not. My case is different. I got only 8th semester marksheet which is internet downloaded and internet downloaded marksheet isn’t allow. N i haven’t given examination of whole 7th sem.

If that is the case than please contact gate officials on 044-22578200

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