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What is jitter?

 a. Latency of network.

 b. Variance of delay.

 c. Variance of available bandwidth.

 d. Length of the queue at different router.
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What Is Jitter?

Packets transmitted continuously on the network will have differing delays, even if they choose the same path. This is inherent in a packet-switched network for two key reasons. First, packets are routed individually. Second, network devices receive packets in a queue, so constant delay pacing cannot be guaranteed.

This delay inconsistency between each packet is known as jitter. It can be a considerable issue for real-time communications, including IP telephony, video conferencing, and virtual desktop infrastructure. Jitter can be caused by many factors on the network, and every network has delay-time variation.

Answer: b

a) Latency of network - overall delay or also referred as round trip time.

c) for variance of available bandwidth we use fragmentation. So it may produce jitter, they are asking what is jitter.

d) Length of the queue at different router i.e. router buffer as router buffer can result into different packet transmission delay, it is one of the potential reason of occurring jitter.


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