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In a TCP connection, the initial sequence number at the client site is 1846. The client opens the connection, sends only one segment carrying 1200 bytes of data, and closes the connection. What is the value of the sequence number in SYN, DATA and FIN segment sent by the client? 

  1. 1200, 3046, 4246
  2. 1846, 1200, 3046
  3. 1200, 1846, 3046
  4. 1846, 3046, 3046


asked in Computer Networks by Boss (23.6k points) | 60 views
I may be wrong here please correct me.

when sender will be in syn phase seq no. = 1846, now when sender has to send data it's sequence number = 1847 and while doing fin at termination step sequence number will be 3047.
i expected something similar but answer given is 4th option
It's a TCP connection so after handshaking sequence number has to increment by 1.

I reported and key is changed.



Great! It may help others.

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