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Is packets come to destination in order for both TCP and UDP?
asked in Computer Networks by Active (1.6k points) | 56 views
not in UDP
But ,I read somewhere that TL always send packets to AL in order.

So how it is possible if UDP receives packets in unordered manner?

Is after receiving packets some sorting is done before sending to the AL?
sending packet in order and reviving packets in order are not the same. It may be possible that packets are taking different paths while traveling towards a destination and some packet of sequence x was late but packets x-1 and x+1 are already received so this will be dropped. UDP doesn't care about the retransmission.
@Mk Utkarsh

No,I am just asking that TL after receiving packets from source will it send packets to above layer AL in order for both TCP and UDP?(because in UDP it receives packet in unordered manner)

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