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is This correct answer given ?? How option 3 can be correct ??

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yes c is true..

as they have said that it should be executing in same order means they should follow the same sequence for order of execution..


for case 3 let us consider only 3 process(x,1,3) to make it simple..


so if x=2 than ct sequence : 2,3,6 = avg ct = 11/3=3.66


but if it sequence was : 1,2,3 : ct sequence have been : 1,3,6

                                   avg ct = 10/3 = 3.33

i hope they want to ask " Which is Minimize average completion time "

and the order is _ 1 _ 3,6,8,10 ===> x can have 2 positions ( due to in the question given that x ≤ 2 )

but in the answer they consider x ≤ 1

yes i think they had put question wrong ...but as per question A should be correct na ...say x=100.

so avergae complition time will be high in such case ..correct me if i am wrong
it's a simple average question. (yes it is option A)
but they have asked for the order for the given sequence...

and c should be the answer because it should have been 1,2,3.......

but its execution sequence will be 2,1,3.......

so its wrong....

yes they have said abt sjf but they have also said in that particular order... which means it should be acting as fcfs...

why A??
the order represents, which process completes first according to sjf
but this is what they meant here than.. they must have kept x between 1 and 3...

not before 1..
x ≤ 2 ===> x may be before 1

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