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If the jobs are  non-premptive, then the avg waiting and avg response time will be the same? w.r.t any scheduling algo?
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no they will not be same
But true for fcfs?
FCFS is always non-premptive yes
non pre -emptive*


and it wont be ever equal...

as response time is : first response - arrival time

    waiting time :        turn around time - burst time


its not true for every cases... for any particular caSe it may satisfy but not for all...

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Response time is the first time the job gets the CPU, precisely speaking (First time the jobs get the CPU - Arrival time),so if considered different scheduling algorithm the time at which the jobs gets the CPU will be different.

ex:J1,j2 are jobs with 0 and 1 Arrival time and 3 and 2 burst time, so in FCFS the J1 gets CPU first and in SJF J2 gets it first..So response times are different.

and Waiting time is TAT-BT where TAT=CT-AT, so indirectly waiting time is dependent upon CT and AT,but considered different scheduling algorithm the CT will be different.

Hence for same job set (J1,J2,J3,J4) the average WT and avg RT will be different.

It will be same only in case of FCFS when all jobs Arrival Time is same.

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