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What is relation between CGF, Regular grammar, CSG, LL(1), LL(k), LR(0), SLR(1), LALR(1), CLR(1).

What is the meaning of expressive power? I know that
LR(0)<SLR(1)<LALR(1)<CLR(1), what is the meaning of this?
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Any grammar that can be parsed by an LR(0) parser can be parsed by an SLR(1) parser. However, SLR(1) parsers can parse a larger number of grammars than LR(0), and so on.
Makes sense? the power represents here the ability to accept grammars.

hello thank you for replying, we categorize the grammar like CFG, CSL, RG and all these. what does it mean LL(1), LR(0) grammar. Are we categorizing the grammar again? What is the bigger picture? You have said any grammar means it can be CFG, CSL anything?

At syntax analyses phase we use parsers and therefore categories them as LL(0) SLR(1) and so on

And for a  grammar - the languages they are able to recognize. We categories as CFG CSG and so on.

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