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If (4446)x + (2222)x = (10001)x then value of (2342)x - (1656)x = (?)x

how to solve these kinds of questions?

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is that 353?
yes. upload the solution

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(4446)base x + (2222)base x=(10001)base x

now if you see closely when we adding 6+2=8 which is greater than 7 we are getting 1(8-7) and 1 will we the carry and after doing that we will get same output as 10001 at base 7

now to solve (2342)base 7 - (1656) base 7=(353)base 7
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got it... thanks :)
I want to add one more point that may make it more clear. we saw 6 then its sure base would be >6 then when we add it is becoming 8 but we didn't write 8 which means base would be < 8 if its >8 then 8 must be there while adding.

The number <8 & >6 is 7 which would be our base.
yeah thats right
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