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The Hasse diagrams of all the lattices with up to four elements are _____ (write all the relevant Hasse diagrams)
asked in Set Theory & Algebra by Veteran (59.5k points) | 582 views

Anything other than this?

one more is straight line ryt ?
Chain diagram;

Like 1-->2--->3---> vertical manner.
what is meant by ' up to 4 elements ' here..should we consider lattices with 3 elements and 2 elements also??

This might help ...

3 Answers

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1. Diamond structure
2. Straight line structure
answered by Veteran (55.4k points)
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We cant draw a lattice with 1 element 

answered by Loyal (7.3k points)
Why can't we draw a lattice with one element ?
i think definition itself says  every pair has lub and glb so atleast 2 element should be there for pair
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One diamond diagram as u can see above and one like below

Chain diagram;

Like 1-->2--->3---> vertical manner.
answered by Loyal (8.9k points)

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