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Match the following items

$$\begin{array}{|l|l|}\hline \text{(i) Backus-Naur form}  &  \text{(a) Regular expressions} \\\hline  \text{(ii) Lexical analysis} & \text{(b) LALR(1) grammar} \\\hline  \text{(iii) YACC} & \text{(c) LL(1) grammars} \\\hline  \text{(iv) Recursive descent parsing} & \text{(d) General context-free grammars} \\\hline \end{array}$$
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4 Answers

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Backus normal form (BNF) is a notation technique for context-free grammars, often used to describe the syntax of languages used in computing
Yacc (Yet Another Compiler-Compiler) is a computer program for the Unix operating system. It is a Look Ahead Left-to-Right (LALR) parser generator, generating a parser, the part of a compiler that tries to make syntactic sense of the source code, specifically a LALR parser, based on an analytic grammar
Yacc is written in portable C. The class of specifications accepted is a very general one: LALR(1) grammars with disambiguating rules.
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Thank u set2018 ........
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answer -

  1. - d
  2. - a
  3. - b
  4. - c
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any explanation/
as i know non recursive decent parsing is LL(1) not recirsive decent parsing

plz confirm
@Anil Khatri

It's incorrect as LL(1) is non recursive Descent parsing maybe question is incorrect or options are incorrect.

Backus Naur form 

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BNF - its a form to represent CFG.

LA - RE, we know it.

YACC - it is a general tool that generates LALR(1) parsing table for any CFG.

RDP- it must be non recursive, it is LL(1).
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its all up to u mishra ji.. :)

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i downvoted those answers which hav not explained things ... simple ... there r many other peoples who has done the same thing .... i hav nt downvoted all the answers .... answers which r not precise ... or someone has already explained bt still anyone explaining the same thing ....copy pasting from another website ... i think its nt acceptable at gate level preparation ... one can give reference in comment ...So i hav downvoted them .... i hav also received downvote fr the same reason... and i hav no issue with that ... because i appreciate good precise answers ....nt duplicate or "option A is the answer " this ones .... if u see gate question ... there r many users like who has said "y r u nt explaining answers  " or " y r u giving duplicate answers " ... i hav never seen u r saying abt these issues .... and video links ... these r part of my preparation plan ... i forgot things ... thats y i refer video links ..... in many cases i hav explained the reason y i hav downvoted the answer .... And this is the reason i said it takes a mature mind to understand things .... GO website has given me a lot .... i am jst giving them in return by using video references to understand the question.... same thing that online coaching centers do ... if i hav given some wrong video references ... u can comment ... i will correct it ... seriously in this website i hav seen some genuine gate  candidates .... if someone is answering any test series question .... u will never find me i hav down or upvoted any stuff ... i hav upvote or downvoted gate... tifr...isi...cmi questions ... if i hav downvoted any best answer... then i think i hav explained the reason also y i hav downvoted ....  

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