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statement -1: concurrent schedule which is equivalent to some serial schedule is said to be concurrent serializable schedule.

statement 2:concurrent schedule which is not concurrent serializable schedule  may be consistent.

correct statement is ??

i know statement (1) is correct what about statement(2)???
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We know that, only serial schedules are consistent... A concurrent serializable schedule means it is equivalent to some serial schedule. If concurrent schedule is not a concurrent serializable then it must be not equivalent to any serial schedule...
yes,i agree but my doubt is if concurrent schedule which is not concurrent serializable it will be consistent or not ???

in simple word

concurrent serializable ->consistency

but what about this

non concurrent serializable-> consistency???
Concurrent but not serializable is not consistent !
Can we  make concurrent but serializable schedule consistent by 2PL??
why not .we can make it serializable but sometimes it may  be leads to deadlock .
but mam my doubt is is there any transection which is executing concurrently but not equivalent to any serial schedule but it's result is consistent in nature.(without using any type of locking protocol).

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