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Which of the Following is True ?

A. Symbol table Construction is during the analysis part of the Compiler.

B. Type checking is Done during Syntax Analysis phase

C. SDD with only synthesized attribute have an order of evaluation

D. Both A and C

Please Explain the C part only rest are easy :)
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Sdd with synthesized attributes can be evaluated by using a post order traversal of abstract syntax tree . Correct me if I am wrong
only option A  is correct

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SDD means Syntax Directed Definition.

It is representation of tree which doesn't carry the information of variables/attributes. It called as abstract tree representation.

They are mentioning about the synthesized attribute(Parent takes the values from its children) which have the order of evaluation is BUP.

But C option is False because Inherited attribute also have the order of evaluation is TDP.

A. False

C. False.
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Option A is correct symbol table is constructed in lexical and syntax analysis phase and used in semantic analysis and code generation phase. So option A is true.
Yes its a silly mistake its TRUE thanks.
Symbol table used in both synthesis and analysis phase

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