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Suppose UNIX disk block will hold 2048 disk addresses. What is the maximum sized
file using only the direct pointers? Single-indirection capability? Double indirection
capability? Triple-indirection capability?
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Isn't some data supposed to be missing out here?
I mean shoudn't they give the disk address size?
The default block size is 4096 B in UNIX file and i guess they have assumed that we know it..

Yea, i thought so. But taking 4096 Bytes as the block size, it gives the max file size for triple indirection to be around 262 Bytes. Now doesn't it make it too impractical as it amounts to a file size of 4 EXABYTES?


How 262 Bytes?

Shouldn't it be 211*212=8MB? (i.e. # of disk block addresses*size of 1 block)


Ohh sorry. I didn't copy the complete question it seems. Have now edited it!

For triple indirection, it amounts to 262 .

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