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what is the difference between CSMA/CD and CSMA/CA

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yes i know the ans but what to know how it works like i know how csma/cd works but how this csma/ca works???
well Thats a big explaination.......please refer Data communications and network Written by furouzen and in that MAC Chapter......I wish you would get clear with the concepts
wireless means media is air. in this medium, we can't know collision happens or not ( i.e., we can't detect the collision ) therefore we are try to avoid the Collision it self ===> in 802.11 we use CSMA/CA

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Wi-fi works on Collision avoidance since there is no phenomenon of detection in case of wifi . BUt in case of ETHERNET there exists a physical link when ever a station sends data it listen to medium to avoid the collision . But i case of wifi listiening  is not posible bcoz of no physical link .

So wifi works on CSMA /CA

Ethernet works o CSMA/ CD
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