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For a network which has maximum packet size is 256 bytes . lifetime of a packet is 20 sec and 8 bit sequence number . Find maximum data rate per connection
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3264 Bps ??

No. of bits = 256*256*8

bps = 524288/20 = 26214.4 bps ?

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8 bit sequence no. means a sender can not send more than 2^8 packets in a lifetime and maximum packet size is 256 bytes

so maximum  number of bits  will be 256*256*8=52488 bits

So maximum data rate will be 52488/20=26214.4 bps
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if seq no is 8 bit then it can send max 2^8 segments in life time is it not?
Ya it can send only 2^8 segments in a life time....there was some mistake....i have corrected it

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