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 Consider we have an instruction Load 1000. Given Memory and Register R1 as Follows.

What is  the actual value Loaded in the accumulator ?

A. 1000 1400 1300 1000

B. 1400 1300 1000 1000

C. 1000 1300 1400 1000

D. 1300 1000 1400 1000

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Answer A is it right?

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Answer should be A)

Instruction we have LOAD 1000


1)Immediate mode=here the operand is itself in the instruction so operand provided is 1000 it self so for immediate we have 1000 as operand

2)Direct mode= here the address of operand is given so address we have in the hand is 1000 so value at 1000 is actual operand we want so answer will be 1400

3)Indirect mode = here we have the address of loaction where the address of operand is present so from 1000 we have 1400 and form 1400 we have 1300 so answer is 1300

4)Index mode = here we have to add the content of Index register into the address provided in instruction address whee the operand is present is 1000+200= 1200 so value at 1200 is 1000 so  our required operand is 1000

so answer A should be the correct one
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